You’re not a CEO unless you decide to be ✨ Daily Spark

It may have to do with that it’s the end of the year and everyone is in a reflective mood, but these past few weeks I have met with quite a few founders who don’t like their role of CEO. Not because they don’t like running their business as a boss, but because of the picture they have in their head of the archetypical CEO and whom they as much as actively dislike.

The media are filled with stories of the CEO who is the punchy go-getter working the investor circuit. That’s not the real world though. Unfortunately the real world (small) business owners and entrepreneurs don’t make the headlines as much as the startup founder. That doesn’t make the startup founder more legitimate though… it just shows that they have more to prove to the outside world.


You became a business owner and entrepreneur because you love what you do. It may be that that archetypical CEO exists, but that doesn’t mean that has to be you. The beauty of being the owner (!) of your own (!) business it that you get to decide what a business owner and entrepreneur looks like… for you.

And that includes that one position at the helm… forget about the archetype, make your position as “CEO” what you want it to be!

I wish you a wonderful (and for Kenya: wonderfully festive) weekend ✨

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