This morning I had a very interesting discussion with one of the founders looking for investment through one of our programs. We all know of and have seen the reposts of the “why do white founders receive all the funding” appearing on our timelines.

K. and I agreed there is a different perspective to the conversation that is worth sharing:

Instead of asking “Why do white founders receive all the funding”, we could also ask the question “Why do white founders who receive funding share this in the media” and with that: “Why do Kenyan / African founders who receive funding stay out of the media”. And having worked with quite a few of them, I can tell you there are more than we know!

I think I don’t need to explain to anyone who has 1000 hands and mouths depending on them, that being known as wealthy — no matter if you got a grant or more likely a loan or budget to make designated investments — is not making life easier.


There are many reasons why the (social) media shares the stories it does, but to every narrative there are several perspectives. The importance is to not get sidetracked by the superficial, but also see what is underneath.

Every entrepreneur has their story, and as much as we’re selling Silicon Savannah, Kenya is no Silicon Valley nor do we have to be.

Keep believing in yourself.

I wish you a prosperous rest of your day…

* * * *

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Liesbeth Bakker

Liesbeth Bakker

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