One of the things I love about working with entrepreneurs and startup founders is that no matter how often you think you hear the same idea repeated, in their execution they always turn out so very different…

I remember 5 years ago: two ambitious young founders joining one of our programs, already managing a small team, eager to professionalise and grow their tech company selling a similar sales software application… the one taking the startup route pitching their value proposition and onboarding investors to grow exponentially, the other staying off-grid growing their customer base referral by referral…

They may have begun from a similar starting point, but after every one step they took forward there paths drifted slightly… and so, fast forward, five years later, you sit across two founders who each found success with a very similar idea from the get-go, but now leading two very different companies both ready to expand their footprint internationally!


Every founder has their vision, their focus, their resources and constraints… there is no one path to success! So there is also no need to be afraid of competition or people stealing your idea… the great thing about being a founder in an emerging market is that that market is big enough for everyone to take a share…

And to do so on your own terms!

I wish you an inspired rest of your day ✨



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Liesbeth Bakker

Liesbeth Bakker

Innovator | Creator | Vintage Geek | Tech Enthusiast | (Co)Founder The Entrepreneurs Hub - The 4th Horizon - Gini Tech