The other day I received this email from one of the taxi hailing apps I use. I guess it was well meant, but it immediately raised two questions with me:

1. Why, when most companies are adopting real-time social media and chat based support, do they think they can satisfy customers through delayed communication via email?

2. What use is it for me, the customer, to know they regard my query as medium or even low priority? I can understand that not all queries carry the same level of urgency, but that doesn’t mean any are less important. Even more: what if I have an immediate issue with a driver or a trip, I very likely have not even 5 minutes to want to see my problem being sorted, let alone have the patience to put my issue diligently in an email and wait an hour for help.

To me it seems these guidelines have been written for their internal staff, to help them manage an apparent chaotic customer service process more effectively. If not I can’t think of any reason why they would have come up with this communication.


As a customer, it would have been more helpful for me to know what type of problem can expect what type of support and how that is better for me going forward. Don’t confuse communicating on internal processes with providing customer-facing support.

How you run your back-end operations is your business, how that translates for your customers is an art to never underestimate…

I wish you a wonderful rest of your day!

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