Are you an Artist, a Manager or an Entrepreneur?

Liesbeth Bakker
2 min readOct 5, 2020

Sometimes you come across an insight that changes the way you look at life or in this case for me: how I experience being an entrepreneur. A podcast by two dutch lifestyle coaches, who seem to have ripped it from the American guru Tony Robbins, showed me that as an entrepreneur we actually blend three very different roles:

  1. the entrepreneur: the commercial brain, the person who sees the opportunity and who is always looking for the next great thing;
  2. the manager: who ensures the business runs like a well oiled machine; and
  3. the artist: representing the creation, the passion, the magic; has the connection with the community and exists to please the customers.

How successful we will turn out to be at making our business a success, depends on how well we’re able to be both the entrepreneur, the manager and the artist.


There is probably a direct correlation between the archetype you lack most, and the area in your business that needs improvement or prohibits you from growing. If you’re mostly an artist who loves to work on bringing a product or service to life but who has less eye for its commercialisation, you know what to do! Equally for the entrepreneur who can’t be bothered putting in place boring processes and procedures and wonders why it is so difficult so scale up its operations.

Whether it is just you or a team of co-founders: make sure you have your archetypes covered!

I wish you a wonderful rest of your day…

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